Q: How do we compare ourselves to other brands?
A: Just like us, our monitors are designed & manufactured with their own individual characters while maintaining a neutral acoustic signature expected by audio professionals & audiophiles.

We emphasize on getting the right & secure fit to truly explore the richness of the audio quality, wearing comfort & stability close to a customized IEM fit without the high costs of making custom fit IEMs.


Q: What’s so special?
A: Our products are designed by our team’s combined decades of experience. A combination of professionals from the music recording industry, performing vocalists, musicians, audiophiles, acoustic engineers, human-ergonomics professionals, materials experts & marketing specialists, to bring you not just any other in-ear monitor but a product design which is unique in the approach to ergonomics & keeping the acoustic signature which is loved by the audiophiles & musicians.


Q: Where can I buy them?
A: For now, Akoustyx products are only available for purchase from our official website.


Q: How do you ship them?
A: We use USPS or UPS for U.S. domestic shipments as well as international shipments.


Still got questions? Email us at hello@akoustyx.com