About our S6 Series

The S6 - our first planar IEM.

What’s different?

We started development of our own planar IEM in 2018 with our first prototype planar speaker design in a 11mm size, the performance of the prototype was everything we expected from the planar-magnetic driver but we wanted to make our final product a bit more special.

We challenged our engineering team to bring the size down to fit in our award-winning R2-Series housing design without losing any of the performance & clarity of the planar drivers.

Easier said than done.…rolling eyes, grinding teeth….the works!

It took us much longer than we expected, with the effects of the pandemic, logistics delays & everyone’s lives turned upside down, we have got our very first planar driver IEM ready.

The housing is a lightweight aluminum alloy with an incredibly unique Titanium-Oxide treatment giving you an amazing satin finish & with an added polished blue/red ring for left & right identification.

The cables are our newly design titanium-kevlar sleeve which incorporate an updated version of the MMCX connectors giving the users a comfortable & tangle-free cable.

As with the R2 series, we partnered up with Surefire USA with their EarLock® retention kit, designed, developed & used by our military's special forces & law enforcement to keep their communications earpieces in place in extreme mobility situations.

The S6 now comes with not one but 3 pairs memory foam in-ear cushions & with a proper fit, can easily achieve near 34dB passive ambient noise attenuation (NRR 28dB).

As with the R2 Series, these are superlight & super comfortable. The EarLock® retention kit kept the IEMs securely in place, no matter how hard we tried to make them fall out. The IEMs stayed in place & the sound was amazing.

Our new S6 IEM speaker designs & entire body designs are now protected by patents in the U.S. & other countries.

S6 Features (Extended Details)

  • Studio reference tuned acoustics.
    Tuned by our music & recording industry professionals in our California studios to create a precision acoustic signature with transparent & natural audio.
  • Proudly assembled in the USA.
    Designed in the Bay Area, California. Assembled & tuned in Nashville, Tennessee.
    Made in USA of U.S. & imported parts.
  • Proprietary Planar Magnetic drivers with front & rear N50 Neodymium magnets.
    Detachable gold plated MMCX Gen-2 (Micro Miniature Coaxial) connectors.
    The industry standard MMCX connectors offer easy interchangeability to allow users to interchange cables to suit specific applications or amplifiers.
  • Lightweight Aluminum-alloy & polycarbonate IEM casing.
    Milled from solid aircraft grade aluminum and anodized with a protective coating with Titanium-Oxide, the aluminum-alloy acoustic casing combined with an exclusive type of polymer for the connector & bring out a minimalist design concept.
  • Titanium-Kevlar Monocrystalline OFC oxygen-free copper cable.
    Individually coated and Kevlar reinforced braid monocrystalline grade cable to bring out the maximum acoustics quality & reduce cable induced noise.
  • Patented fitting customization kit with EarLock® retention kit.
    Customize your fit by combining the EarLock® retention kit in 3 sizes with the in-ear silicon gels, 2-flap in-ear silicon gels & 3 sizes of memory foam tips. Patented EarLock® retention rings utilize seven contact points to lock earpieces in place and fit the same way every time. Made from hypoallergenic silicone that's soft, comfortable, and durable.
    Select the EarLock® which fits best then select the in-ear gel or the included premium memory foam.
    A perfect fit provides the stability & secure fit + 34dB passive ambient noise attenuation (NRR 28dB).
  • Non-allergic in-ear gels (Small, Medium, Large & 2-Flap).
    Made from soft, flexible & non-allergic silicone to ensure your ears are comfortable hour after hour of listening.
  • Small, Medium & Large memory foam tips.
    A perfect addition to getting the perfect isolation & acoustic performance.
    The viscoelastic memory foam technology provides an individual seal and upgraded listening experience.
  • Neoprene padded storage/carry case.
    Designed to keep your IEM and accessories organized and secure from drops or scratches.

S6 series available in the following configurations


Model              Acoustic Signature

S-6               S6 Studio Reference In-Ear Monitors