About our R2 Series

The R2 started off as an alternative to the in-ear monitors, more along of the direction of regular earphones with a minimalist look (whatever that means).

We thought; “Why not make it a universal IEM with our proprietary tuned balanced armature drivers & give it a similar sound set-up as the R1 series with the ergonomic fitting kit but with completely different aesthetics”?

First was the testing different grades of aluminum alloys effects on acoustics. We then started the design for the internal structures to get the right acoustic curves & finally work on the overall construction of the IEM.

With this design, we had room to put our brand but like the R1 development; let's figure it out where we can print our brand later…

For the fitting kit of the R2, we looked upon a unique system used by our military's special forces, designed and developed in the USA, the patented EarLock® retention kit utilizes seven contact points to lock earpieces in place and fit the same way every time.

Did we mention these are super comfortable? They are so comfortable that you forget they are there once you have them on.

This new design also features our unique positioning of the cable connectors to get a secure, stable & comfortable fit with the cable being an additional anchor point above the ear and the tether slider on the back of the neck. The IEMs stayed in place & the sound was amazing.

We were able to get an amazing attenuation of 24dB by getting a proper fit with the in-ear silicone gels & the Comply™ tips.

These monitors can be used individually without the EarLock® retention kit.

Our new approach to this IEM design is now protected by patents in the U.S. & other countries.

Last was where to put the brand. We wanted the IEM to look uncluttered, so we just put our corporate logo on casing by laser etching. Job-jobbed.

R2 Features (Extended Details)

  • Studio reference tuned acoustics.
    Tuned by our music & recording industry professionals in our California studios to create a precision acoustic signature with transparent & natural audio.
  • Proudly assembled in the USA.
    Designed in the Bay Area, California. Assembled & tuned in Nashville, Tennessee.
    Made in USA of U.S. & imported parts.
  • Proprietary tuned Balanced Armature driver by Knowles®.
    Our trusted partner with 50+ years of manufacturing the highest quality balanced armature drivers.
  • Detachable gold plated MMCX (Micro Miniature Coaxial) connectors.
    The industry standard MMCX connectors offer easy interchangeability to allow users to interchange cables to suit specific applications or amplifiers.
  • Lightweight Aluminum-alloy & polycarbonate IEM casing.
    Milled from solid aircraft grade aluminum and anodized with a protective coating, the aluminum-alloy acoustic casing combined with an exclusive type of polymer for the connector & bring out a minimalist design concept.
  • Multi-Braided Monocrystalline grade oxygen-free copper cable.
    Individually coated and Kevlar reinforced braid monocrystalline grade cable to bring out the maximum acoustics quality & reduce cable induced noise.
  • 3-Button in-line mic (works with IOS & Android).
    The convenience of having a single audiophile grade cable which also works with the standard mobile phone functions for both IOS & Android devices.
  • Patented fitting customization kit with EarLock® retention kit.
    Customize your fit by combining the EarLock® retention kit in 3 sizes with the in-ear gels & Comply™ foam tip. Patented EarLock® retention rings utilize seven contact points to lock earpieces in place and fit the same way every time. Made from hypoallergenic silicone that's soft, comfortable, and durable. 
    Select the EarLock® which fits best then select the in-ear gel or the included Comply™ tip.
    A perfect fit provides the stability & secure fit PLUS reduces the ambient noise by over 24dB.
  • Non-allergic in-ear gels (Small, Medium, Large & 2-Flap).
    Made from soft, flexible & non-allergic silicone to ensure your ears are comfortable hour after hour of listening.
  • Comply™ T-100 premium earphone memory foam tips.
    A perfect addition to getting the perfect isolation & acoustic performance.
    The viscoelastic memory foam technology provides an individual seal and upgraded listening experience.
  • Neoprene padded storage/carry case.
    Designed to keep your IEM and accessories organized and secure from drops or scratches.

R2 series available in the following configurations


Model              Acoustic Signature

R-210               Studio Reference

R-220               Reference Dual-Cross